People want to live in such a place where they can find a healthy living. Parks are such places where you can enjoy your moments along with family and friends. Sometimes, it get dirtier and that makes the need of cleaning the parks.

With the introduction of “Big Belly” bins, you can some something really interesting that works in a very automatic manner. It may enable you to enjoy some amazing time in the park along with good looking Enfield escort.

These bins detect as how full they are in and automatic way and then, it crushes the contents to make to five times more space to collect the waste. So, there are very less chances of getting overflow to spread the waste on the surroundings.

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At present, the council of Enfield is presently having eight of these bins. You may find them at Aldersbrook, Groveland, Oakwood, Trent, Forty Hall and Broomfield.

The council is spending around £4.5m to maintain the cleanliness in the city. These bins will support in meting the desired high standards and cleanliness for the people. As per Enfield cabinet member for environment, Daniel Anderson, these bins are very sophisticated and it will play a vital role in reducing the time of staff. The increase in capacity of the bins would certainly bring some positive results.

Now, you can have fun in the clean environment where you can spend some amazing time of yours with the hot Enfield escorts. It would not just help you to enjoy but the surrounding people can have some pleasurable moment in a very positive manner.